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We pride ourselves by the profile of professional tutors and native speaking teachers we work with. In our bid to deliver quality education to our students, we continue to seek experienced and highly qualified educators to join our team.


In our quest to offer top of the class teachers,  candidate selection is managed by our experts panel with qualification criteria to abide to. Every teacher is appointed with our students' needs in mind; whether its for academic tuition, language programme or for our other courses, we are determined to retain quality across all subjects.

Different Students 
Different Learning Technique

While teachers are still an authority figure in a student-centered teaching model, teachers and students play an equally active role in the learning process.

Our teachers' primary roles are to coach and facilitate student learning and overall comprehension of material. They measure student's skills through both formal and informal assessment to allow them to create a personalised learning plan.

Unlike the student-centered classroom where teaching and assessment are connected to group activities, we design our online or face to face lessons to deliver high quality interactive programs to achieve successful results. 

One size doesn't fit all, our private learning sessions are customised to suit individual levels of education without overwhelming our students.

In addition to the student-tutor matching, our students go through a diagnostic test to assess individual's competence level and ascertain area that needs improvement. Equipped with comprehensive assessment our teachers  personalize each learning experience to deliver impressive results.

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Global Language and E-Learning Institute  (GLI) launches its half term language enrichment camps for students in pursuit of excellence. The firm aims to deliver Advanced and Intensive programs in Arabic, French and Spanish for 6 to 8 year old pupils. Taught by native speaking tutors, GLI's enrichment camp is also catered to the GCSE students preparing for their annual exam.

Customized ​Learning 

Creating Personalized Learning Plans provide our students with the opportunity to enhance their skills thus achieve better results. Whether it's our academic tuitions, language courses or other study programmes, we personalise each session to suit the pace of our students.  We believe it is necessary to customise learning sessions to accommodate individual learning, thus we adapt educational methods and techniques to better suit individual learner, with their own unique learning style, background and needs.

Personalised Learning Made Easy with Global Language & E-Learning Institute 

We offer:

  • Professional service run by educators

  • Highly skilled and experienced tutors

  • All  major curriculums : British, America, Indian, IB, Chinese

  • Over 50 language courses to choose from

  • An assessment process by tutors for customised and personalised plans

  • Access to our online learning portal

  • Proven success rate across subjects

  • 24-hour customer service 

  • Great pricing and package offers

  • Proven track record

  • A 30 minute FREE trial session

  • Virtual group learning sessions provide opportunities to interact with likeminded people from around the world

Top College  Entrance
Exam Prep

Raising your grade scores is a goal at the top of our Exam Prep Programme. It's a task that requires focus and a customised approach. Our team of professional private tutors work tirelessly to help students boost their results.

Studying outside the classroom to prepare for such life-changing exams, means you now have undivided study time with your professor. While it may not seem like class work, the lessons are prepared to improve your test scores.

Our tutors are result-driven and frequently monitor student progress, practice testing throughout the study plan to ensure preparedness. 

Student Success University Dubai Appoints GLI to Deliver English Language Courses

Student Success Centre University, has appointed Global Language & E-Learning Institute to deliver English language courses to its students. GLI will develop both oral and written programmes as part of the university’s efforts to boost their pupils understanding across subjects.

“We are humbled by this appointment and look forward to developing customised course plan for the institute. Our team of high calibre teachers are committed to present a holistic study schedule to serve students of all levels”


Feb 07, 2021

Robots, AI and the end of teachers as we know them? School leaders talk technology and predict the future of schools in the UAE.

Will there still be teachers and schools as we know them at all? In the next decade, will robots and VR have taken over many of the responsibilities of traditional teachers – or are schools going to remain much the same, even as the rest of society is increasingly transformed by AI and machines? Will schools get better? Or worse? And how quickly will our children begin to see major change? 


July 04, 2020

"Mandarin was so much easier with my native tutor. She made my session fun and interactive. I have a long way to go but so happy that I'm getting there."

“We were very lucky with my daughter's tutor; She's an excellent teacher, patiently she mentored our girl to develop self confidence and push herself to grow. We're so grateful!"

"Having struggled to find the right English language tutor, I was recommended to explore GLI courses. I found them to be pleasant, flexible and accommodating, their prices are competitive too."

“I was so impressed by the level of professionalism, the team understood the educational level we were at and they managed to match us to a right tutor almost immediately ”

— Buthaina Badri, Dubai - UAE

— Annabel Thompson, Dubai - UAE

— Sarah Rashid, Dubai - UAE

— Roselin McArthur, Dubai - UAE