Managed by educators, our mission is to deliver first class, online or face to face classes anywhere in the world. Established in UAE, we provide educational support to students from preschool to high school level. Our tuition sessions are individually tailored to match our students’ requirements.

Whether you want to learn a new language, receive academic tuition or learn one of our other courses, we create a right programme to match your needs.

Our tutors are fully credented, highly skilled with utmost level of professionalism, ensuring you receive the best quality education.


We offer translation services across several

languages for corporates and individuals.

Claire Gilmore


With over 17 years experience as an educator, Claire's passion in teaching is a catalyst that led her to establishing GLI. She believes every person is entitled to a better education. Claire works with an experienced and dedicated team to deliver top of the class education across subjects and grades.

Yannick Kubri

Managing Partner

Seasoned entrepreneur, Yannick is a Co-Founder of GLI and Focus Language Academy. He holds a BA English Private law, an MBA in International Business and Master in Public Procurement & Sustainable Development.

Polina Nazarova

Experienced in language and humanities, Polina has a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters in Art History. She speaks English, Russian, French, Italian and Arabic. She develops bespoke and customised tools to support students learning skills.

Ashraf Ali

Head of Arabic Training

Heading the Arabic language department, Ashraf brings extensive experience to GLI both on education level as well as translation services.

Head of Language Dept